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Seraphina Wilson

Seraphina Wilson

I am 21 yrs old and a mother of 2. My oldest will be 2 August 24. My youngest will be 1 August 11. My oldest name is Seraphina. She is blind and disabled due to child abuse. My little angel was 6 months old when she was beaten for the last time. She was living with her father and his girlfriend while we were undergoing a custody battle. I knew there was abuse going on in the home and I contacted the police and Department of Child services and they did nothing. I was even prepared to kidnap her but they never let her out of the home where I could get to her.

After she was taken the from them the last time we heard about the abuse she endured. She wasn’t allowed to eat when she was hungry if she didnt eat fast. She wasn’t allowed to sleep unless on their schedule. She was spanked, slapped and, put in time out beginning at 1 month old. She even had her hands safety pinned behind her back so she wouldn’t get out of a swaddle at night.

Once there was a police report made when they took her to the ER because she was pooping blood. The Drs noticed that Sera had handprint bruises on her stomach. She was squeezed so hard that it cause bruises. Even after that and another incident of a black eye she was not taken from the home.

The last time she was abused was on February 18, 2009. Her father’s girlfriend, Alicia, was home alone with Sera and her own daughter who was a newborn. She had gotten angry with Sera becuase she was whiney and took her into her room and holding her around her waist, swung her back and forth beating her head against her own crib. She did this several times and than threw her into her crib so hard she hit her head yet again off the other side. Sera went into shock and started choking yet Alicia just turned up the music in the room and left shutting the door behind her.

She told police later that she thought she killed her. By the time her father got home Alicia had went in to the room and picked up Sera and was holding her as she siezed and choked in her arms. Alicia claimed she couldn’t find the phone, but her father was able to find the phone right away. He called 911 and an abulance came and picked her up.

The parametic on the ambluance did a quick assesment on her and said that on a scale from 3-15 Sera was an 8. She was not responding to anything but more pain and even then all she could do was wimper. Once they got her on the way to the hospital they needed to get her on some pain medication. Because Sera was so stiff they had to take a corkscrew like tool and put an IV into her bone marrow. Finally they were able to get her on morphine and she started to relax.

Meanwhile, I was pregnant with my second child. I was not feeling well. Not having a clue what was happening to my baby, I went to the ER to make sure everything was OK with the way I was feeling. When I got there and was getting ready to be checked in, my daughter had arrived. The Dr came to me and asked me if I brought a baby with me. I told him no and realized they were talking about my daughter. They escorted me and my fiance to a family waiting room and told us that my daughter had been dropped when being put into her crib (that was Alicia’s story at the time).

After a few tests the Drs knew that the damage done to my daughter was not an accident. That is when the interogations started. They told me I was not allowed to see my daughter. They also gave me the worst news a mother could hear. They told me that the damage done to my baby was to severe and that she would’t make it through the night. She was still seizing, had a skull fracture, a bleed in her brain, detacted retinas, a clot in her brain, along with bruises all over her. I could do nothing but sob as my heart broke. The only thing that kept me going was the child that was growing inside me. They sent me home after what seemed like an eternity of trying to calm me down. That night was so tramatizing I dont remember much of it.

The next day I called the hospital and my baby was still alive. I was finally oked to see her and stay with her that afternoon. The first time I saw her my heart broke all over again. She was laying in the white barred crib that looked like a miniture prison cell. She had wires connected every where on her little body. Gauze covered her head to keep the electrodes on her head and a splint on her arm to keep her from knocking out IV’s. She laid there lifelss. If it wasn’t for the machines saying she was alive I wouldn’t have believed them. She looked like she was terrified to move.

The next few days she was back and forth from the ped’s unit to the Intensive care unit. Her siezures would come and go. She was put on several meds to keep her from seizing. They had to keep her tired so she wouldn’t get worked up. After the 10th day. I decided to go home that night to get some rest so I wouldn’t hurt the child I was carrying.

The next day I came up to the hospital to see Sera and we were informed that she was placed in a foster home. I was devestated. We went to the DFS office to try and fight to get her back, but all they could tell me is that they “suggested I sign my rights over because I couldn’t handle all the challages of raising a child as special as Sera”. She was never going to walk or stand or see. They told me that she was going to be in diapers for the rest of her life and would never speak. Even hearing all that I knew I had to get my daughter back. After 5 months of jumping through hoop after hoop and going to visits and classes. I finally “earned” the right to have my daughter back.

Ever since, we have been working with her constently to make sure that she lives to the best of her abilities. She is in Physical Therapy, Oral/Speech Therapy, Disabilty Services, and School for the Deaf and Blind. With all the services she is in, she has learned to stand on her own. She is starting to walk. Is learning sign language, and says a few words. She is on seizure medication. And is learning how to use her other senses to make up for the loss of her vision. We have come a long way. But as we are going on we have more trials that keep coming up.

We have just recently found out that there still is a chance of brain deteoriation and that her life span has all ready been shortened. We are now in the process of finding a Dr who is willing to help us find the aswers we need to help her.

Also because of the stress I endured during the tramatic event my daughter underwent, my youngest little girl, Emilie, is also having problems. She was born 5 weeks early and we have had many tests done on her. She has calcium deposits in her brain, she favors one side more that the other, (although not as much anymore), she had tortiulis in her neck which cause a misshapen head, and she was very slow to reach her milestones. We are also having those things looked into by a Dr in Seattle.

We just ended our trial against Alcia Hocter for all the pain she has caused our family. She was found guilty of Aggravated Asault and Criminal Endangermant. Finally after 1 yr and 4 mo she will be sentenced on July 14, 2010. In that period of time she has been out of jail she has had another child and gotten engaged to a registered sex offender. She is looking at a sentence of 30 yrs at the most. In order to ensure she gets the full sentence I need to collect letters stating to the judge that this shouldn’t be tolerated and asking that he shows her no mercy as she has shown none so sweet Seraphina. If you are interested in writing one please let me know.

Even with all of this we still manage to find happiness in every little thing my girls accomplish. Sera’s father has signed over his rights to her and Will, my fiance, will adopt her right after we are married on July 24, 2010. At that point we will finally be a family.

The Wilson's

The Wilson's

We will be faced with struggles every day and new trials will always arise, but someone was watching over my little girl that day as well as my youngest the day she was born. They are meant to be here and will achieve what they are meant to. God(or whomever is up there) has only taken from my babies what they don’t need to fufill there reason they are on this earth. I have confidence that they are being closly watched and protected in there life here.

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Written by Kendra Wilson, Seraphina’s Mother in July 2010

15-year-old twins Jasmine “Jazzmin” Davis and her twin brother lived with their Aunt Shemeeka Davis in Antioch, California. 37-year-old Shameeka fostered the teens ever since they were 3 months old. She also has a biological daughter who was 7 at the time and 2 boys, 17 and 18. She was also just assigned as the twin’s permanent legal guardian on August 27, 2008, exactly 6 days before Jazzmin died.

The twins mom and dad were drug addicts and in and out of jail. They lived in a housing project on the east side of Potrero Hill. Jazzmin tested positive for cocaine and sickle cell trait at birth. She was born breech and weighed less than 6 pounds, she almost didn’t make it but she was a fighter and survived.

When Shemeeka offered to step in and take the kids for her brother everyone was happy and initially so was Shemeeka. Being 22 and now having 4 young children in the home would prove to be no easy quest. Shemeeka loved the kids but the pressure was mounting and she had no one to turn to for help. When she did request help, none was offered.

It was noted by a caseworker in 1997 that Shemeeka was “stressed out and overwhelmed due to taking care of the kids”.  Shemeeka even went as far as telling the caseworker “I am struggling trying to meet my parental obligations for all my children and it’s very stressful,” “I could use therapy for myself” “God willing, we will all make it.”

Shemeeka was getting $13,104 annually for taking care of the twins, $9,800 annually for taking care of her elderly mother, who by the way did not live with her and $1,700 a month through a Contra Costa housing authority section 8 program.

$43, 304 a year is not too bad! Some school teachers don’t even make that.

Jazzmin was found dead on her urine and feces soaked un-carpeted bedroom floor on September 2, 2008 in what police described as the worst case of abuse they have seen in more than their 20 years of experience. She was beaten and starved. Her brother looked just like her, but alive. The children’s grandmother was the one that called police and reported the murder. The grandmother had nothing to do with the abuse.

Shemeeka Davis was arrested and charged with murder, torture and child abuse. She is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole if she is found guilty. The death penalty is not an option since there is no PROOF that she deliberately murdered Jazzmin despite the fact she was starved and tortured for a long period of time.

Her bail was set at $1.5 million and she has pleaded not guilty.

When asked why she beat Jazzmin that particular day Shemeeka said “because she continually defies her and cut her holes in her jeans,”

Lt. Leonard Orman from Antioch Police said the twins looked like they had been tortured. “The house is pretty normal looking until you get to the bedroom where these two children spent most of their time,” All the information we are getting indicates this has been going on for two years. I liken it to a prisoner of war camp,” said Lt. Orman.

The twins had been beat with electrical cords all over their body’s including their faces, burnt with clothes irons, had scalding water from a tea kettle poured on them, whipped with belts and at one point Jazzmin had a broken arm.

Jazzmin was covered in open infected wounds, oozing sores, deep tissue scars from head to toe, 5 of her teeth had been knocked out of her mouth and burns covered her chest and stomach.

Contra Costa County Coroner’s Office released Jazzmin’s autopsy report and it showed she was emaciated and malnourished, suffered severe lacerations and blunt force trauma to her head, and sustained severe injuries on the day of her death. Jazzmin at 5’7” only weighed 78 pounds.

Officers removed a bloody and broken closet rod, a belt with a padlock attached to the end, a clothes iron that police said Shemeeka would use to burn her with, carpet tack strips used to beat them, a broken lamp base, a computer and a workout weight.

Detective Santiago Castillo wrote in his report “All of these wounds appeared to be in various stages of healing.” Three of the four bedroom walls, and the ceiling, were splattered with blood. Shemeeka also told Castillo “Jazzmin suffers from oppositional defiance and constantly picks at her wounds, rubbing blood on the walls throughout the house, urinates on the floors and at times will urinate in bottles pouring it on the other family members’ food,”

There were no clothes hanging in the closet for the teens, the bedroom they shared was bare. The floor was soaked with urine and feces, especially the closet where they forced to spend the majority of their time. Shemeeka took the carpet out of their room.

shemeeka davisThe caseworker, Ann Marie Smith would have known this had she just done her job and inspected the home.

Trent Rhorer, executive director of San Francisco’s Human Services Agency, said neither San Francisco nor Contra Costa children’s services received any reports of suspected abuse. A social worker had visited Jazzmin in March 2008 and reportedly found NO evidence of abuse.

Later the head of San Francisco Health Human Services Agency told Bay Area News Group that staff violated state regulations by not requiring regular medical and school reports from Shemeeka Davis. They were only visiting the home twice a year because Shemeeka moved the kids to another city.

The caseworker reported that the children were in school and doing well at her last visit in March. She wrote in her report that she met with the kids and Jazzmin was making C’s “which was good for her”. Jazzmin had already been dropped from the rolls at school 5 months before that visit. She also wrote “Both children were friendly, talkative and appeared to be very health(y).”

The boy told police he always knew when Shemeeka was prepping for visit from the caseworker because she would give them more food and clothing, temporarily return carpet to their closet, and treat his scars and injuries with medicine and bleaching creams.

Even before Ann Marie Smith took the children’s case in 2001 there were problems. The previous caseworker noted that Shemeeka consistently cancelled appointments, wasn’t home, changed her phone numbers and moved many times without notice. That caseworker even sent a telegram to Shemeeka at one point trying to reach her. By the time the twins were 2 their visits were cut down from every month to every 6 months.

There was obviously a long history of problems with Shemeeka Davis but no one cared enough to do anything for these poor children who never asked to be born. WHY?

A neighbor said she asked Shemeeka where Jazzmin was and she was told that she was sent to live with another family member.

Jazzmin’s brother filed a lawsuit on August 28, 2009 against the city and county of San Francisco and has been awarded $4 million. The lawsuit also named the child welfare agency and social worker Ann Marie Smith for not doing anything to help them when they knew what was going on in the home.

The twins told Ann Marie that they were getting “whooping’s” and her response was that maybe they should behave themselves. It also claims Smith ignored “warnings and stern instructions” from a public health nurse to get long overdue physical exams for the twins.

The Antioch Unified School District has also agreed to pay as part of the same lawsuit, the amount they will pay has not been disclosed yet.  The lawsuit claims the Vice Principal “observed scars and scratches on Jazzmin’s body, and that she had a black eye,” but failed to ask questions or report it. It also claims the district and others knew of the abuse three years before Jazzmin died, and that school officials dropped the ball on reporting her truancy.

School records showed she last attended Antioch High School for about six weeks at the start of the 2007 year. Officials dropped her from the rolls for lack of attendance. Her brother planned to attend the high school in August 2008, but Davis refused to allow it because of his behavior, according to an investigative report after Jazzmin’s death.

In May 2010, the court-appointed advocate (lawyer) for the twins, Tali Soltz, agreed to settle with Jazzmin’s brother for $100,000, court records show. Tali said she met with the twins and they seemed fine. “If I had seen any signs of abuse, I would have done something about it,” Soltz said in an interview. “This is a nightmare. … Those kids mean a lot to me.” She also said Shemeeka was “a con artist”

Darren Kessler, the brother’s attorney, refused to comment on most aspects of the lawsuit and how Jazzmin’s brother is doing. But he said it is the worst case he has ever seen. “This whole case and its outcome is ultimately about how the system, and its lack of protection, failed these kids,” he said. “It should be a wake-up call for the sake of these kids and all the others in foster care.” He also said the brother will need a lot of mental and medical care in the future.

The 2 day preliminary hearing began in June 2010.

Jazzmin’s brother said he would often take the blame for his sister because their aunt beat her more often. He said that she started locking him in their bedroom and in the closet for up to 12 hours a day on Valentine’s Day in 2009 but Jazzmin was locked in there a year earlier. Shemeeka removed all the light bulbs from the room and covered the windows so it would remain dark.

The boy said they were supposed to knock on the door if they had to go to the bathroom but sometimes no one came to let them out and other times they were locked in the closet so they had to use the restroom in the bedroom.

He also described a long round stick they were beat with, officer’s found a 2 foot dowel rod with dried blood on one end of it during their investigation.

The brother told the court “I didn’t think it was anything bad. I thought it was punishment for doing wrong,” he said. “I deserved it.” He is more concerned that Shameeka may not know that he still loves her.

Antioch police Officer Blair Benzler, who was the first witness called to testify in the preliminary hearing. During the days that followed, Jazzmin’s brother was interviewed several times at a child interview center. According to Benzler, the teen told investigators that Shemeeka was mad at Jazzmin because she thought Jazzmin went into her room the night before.

Jazzmin allegedly had a history of sneaking out of her room, destroying Shemeeka’s things, damaging the house and cutting the hair of Shemeeka’s daughter. She was whipping Jazzmin with an electrical cord when Jazzmin’s brother went into the bathroom to take a bath.

When he came back out and looked into the bedroom to check on his twin she was naked.  Shameeka was attempting to revive her and was putting ice on her chest. She was wailing and telling the brother “I’m so sorry,”  “I know you don’t love me. You guys are my babies and they are going to take you away. … You got to help me. I don’t want her to die. I’ll never do it again. Just don’t die, don’t die.”

Benzler said he asked the youngest of the children who all lived in the home, she said sometimes her dad, her mom and her 3 brothers. Officer’s asked why she didn’t mention Jazzmin and her response was that “she didn’t remember her.”

Detective Dianne Freier’s testified in Shemeeka’s preliminary hearing that Jazzmin would hallucinate about eating when she hadn’t eaten,” “(Her twin brother) would tell her, ‘No, you haven’t eaten. You have to eat.’ ”

“What did I do,” Jazzmin cried in the hour of her death, after Davis whipped her nearly a dozen times with an electrical cord, dressed her in a plastic garbage bag and was preparing to pour hot water on her, according to her brother.

“He said he only knew the difference between night and day when the sunlight came under the door,” Freier said, wiping tears from her eyes.

“He said he had a blanket, but Jazzmin wasn’t allowed to have a blanket,” Freier said. “He would share with Jazzmin, but he had to do it secretly. He said Jazzmin was mostly nude in the closet. He would cover her, then uncover her if he heard Shemeeka coming.”

Elizabeth Barker, an attorney for Shemeeka Davis, said her client is “100 percent innocent.”

Shameeka Davis will be in court in March to begin her trial.

As you can see in Jazzmin’s picture she is wearing a long-sleeve turtleneck sweater. This photo was a school picture taken in the summer. Before Jazzmin was forced to quit school her classmates said she always appeared at school with fresh bruises, scratches and cuts.

Treyanna said she knew Jazzmin was being abused as early as 2005. In notes passed in class, Jazzmin said her foster mother beat her. She hid her abuse with baggy pants and turtlenecks, even in Antioch’s heat. She explained the scratches that could be seen on her neck as cat scratches. It was really from getting beat with tack strip. Once, she came to school with a black eye, said Treyanna.

“I think other people noticed but I think they tried to buy her lies. “Jazzmin begged her friends not to tell, saying she had been beat in the past for telling another adult. It’s a promise they now wish they had broken.

When Jazzmin didn’t start at Antioch High in fall 2007, Treyanna questioned Jazzmin’s brother, who was still in school. He said she had changed schools. “I was suspicious but I didn’t want to intrude,” Treyanna said.

When I first started looking into this story my first instinct was that Shemeeka Davis was an egocentric, insatiable woman who never cared about the twins. I still believe that’s how this case ended, however, in the beginning I don’t think she started out with that intent.

It’s clear from reports that she asked for help, she knew she was in over her head yet the people that were in a position to help and should have helped failed not only those children but failed her also. It doesn’t make what she has done any less of a crime and she absolutely deserves everything she gets in my opinion BUT she was not the only murderer in this case. Every person that had a hand in this case and did nothing has Jazzmin’s blood on their hands. It’s sad that they will only pay monetarily for what they have done. No amount of money will bring Jazzmin back to her brother or heal the mental anguish that he may never be able to heal from.  I hope every time they climb into their nice comfortable beds at night and close their eyes they see Jazzmin.


Brooklyn Elizabeth Leahey


A precious angel that needs to be safe in the arms of her real family.

Please read this, click on the link and SIGN it.

To: Grandparents Rights and Child Rights

Save a Little Girl Named Brooklyn Elizabeth Leahey!

Brooklyn Elizabeth Leahey was born on June 24-2008. She was born via emergency cesarean section due to complications with delievery. Brooklyn’s mother during the pregnancy did horrible things to her while in utereo.

In an effort to terminate the pregnancy the mother, took many OTC drugs in excess, prescription drugs that were not hers, along with the fact she would have people kick and punch her in the stomach. Last but not least this young mother also inserted foreign objects up inside of her again trying to self abort the pregnancy.

Additionally, Brooklyn’s mother hid the pregnancy until 3 weeks before Brooklyn was born. So there was very little prenatal care….

When the mother was asked what the intentions were with this baby the mother stated… Get this f*cking thing out of me… So I can leave it at the hospital… She had so much pented up anger over this sweet and innocent little baby who had yet to see the world…The mother stated she just wanted to get her life back and she was tired of this thing bothering her and interrupting it.

Brooklyn’s biological grandmother could not leave this baby in the hospital like the young teen mother wanted to do. Brooklyn’s grandmother brought her home and started raising her as her own and the young mother continued about her business going to school, going out on the weekends and not coming home at all…Having sex again with many mulitple partners within only a few weeks after Brooklyn was born.

Brooklyn’s biological mother NEVER loved or cared for Brooklyn while she resided with Brooklyn and the grandparents. The biological mother has also been previously diagnoised with mental health issues.

Additionally, the biological mother also was more concerned about the designer purses that she could purchase and clothes rather than the care and welfare of Brooklyn. It was the biological mother’s intention for the Leahey’s to raise this child as their own and she even gave the child the last name as “LEAHEY” her last name was different and she never intended on keeping this child. She signed and notarized the birth certificate affidavit and again the last name was the same as the maternal grandmothers….

For the last 26 months Brooklyn has been raised by the Leahey’s. The Leahey’s have taken Brooklyn to every single medical appointment, to every activity that the child participates in such as swimming, gymnastics and church groups. Brookyn is very bonded with the Leahey’s other 4 children who also participate with her in all of these great activities. Brooklyn has also attended every football game, wrestling match and baseball games that the older Leahey children participated in. Brooklyn has been loved unconditionally by the Leaheys since the day she was born.

The Biological Mother began getting court ordered visitations with Brooklyn and during those visits she would come with severe diaper rash so bad that her bottom would bleed! Along with bumps, bruises and welts on her bottom, her thighs, and back. The Leahey’s took pictures of all of the marks on the child and additionally took the child to her doctors for the extremely severe diaper rash.

All of this evidence was given to a judge who made the decision that because Brooklyn had the same DNA as her mother that custody of Brooklyn should be with the biological mother. Even though she has been emotionally and physically abused and neglected along with being abandoned. The judge immediately turned over custody in the court house right then and there and the Leahey’s have not even been able to speak with Brooklyn on the telephone….

Please if you think it would be in the best interest to put Brooklyn Elizabeth Leahey back into the ONLY home that she has known for the last 26 months were she was loved, safe, secure and thriving in life please sign the petition below….

Additionally, please leave your comments also. Brooklyn has the right to grow up in a safe healthy home. Not one where she is abused and neglected. Brooklyn again was also very close to the other 4 Leahey children in our home and those children are also devastated by the fact that she is not here in our home….

Please help us bring Brooklyn back home!


The Leahey Family


Please join For the love of Brooklyn on Facebook and show your support as this family battles to get their baby back.!/pages/For-the-Love-of-Brooklyn/146286382073001

Thank you for coming forward and allowing me to tell your family’s story. This happens more often than people know and people need to break the silence and start revealing what is going on the legal system. Until we start exposing the truth changes can not be made because no one knows the truth.Please, if you have a story to tell, tell it.

Amber was 18 when she became pregnant with Dan’s child in 1998. Dan was a 29 year old alcoholic drug addict. He was also physically and mentally abusive but Amber wanted a father for her child so she tried to work it out because she thought she was doing what was best for her baby. Many women stay in abusive relationships for the sake of their children not realizing that they are doing more harm than good. I know this from experience.

Dan ended up leaving for the entire time Amber was pregnant and he constantly threatened that he would sue Amber for full custody once the baby was born. Amber being young and naïve, was scared and believed that his threats could become a reality.

Dan showed up for the delivery of their daughter in February of 1999 but disappeared 5 days later. He did not come back into the picture again until Nan was 5 ½ months old. His arrival was not a happy occasion; he beat Amber up and tried to kidnap Nan. The police were called and he was stopped. Dan had no legal right to take Nan because he never even signed the birth certificate.

In November of 1999 Dan sued for full custody but instead he was awarded visitation. His alcoholism had sense become even more out of control and he had begun drinking and driving with Nan in the car. Amber could smell alcohol on his breath but he would deny it and she had no proof.

In 2001, when Nan was 2 years old the temporary court order expired and Dan sued Amber again for full custody. Once again he was only granted standard Texas visitation.

Nan began asking her mom when daddy was coming to pick her up. She wanted to know the exact day, hour and minutes. She would ask this several times a day and would do so fearfully.

Amber walked in on Nan kissing her dolls all over and when she asked her what she was doing Nan would reply that she was doing what “daddy did to her”.  Amber reported this to CPS in 2001 but the case was closed and she was told that there was not enough evidence to support her claims.

In another instance at bed time Nan was pretending to smoke her bubble pipe and told Amber “Shhhh, Go to sleep! Nan would also chop lines of salt with a butter knife at other times. Amber never reported this to CPS because she was afraid she would be called a liar or told that she was being malicious towards Dan.

Although Nan had a lot of anxiety about going to her dads for visitation and always asked if she had to go she never cried when he came to pick her up. It wouldn’t have mattered, if Amber had not sent Nan for visitation she could be held in contempt and jailed.

Nan began getting gray hairs and bad headaches from the stress and anxiety of having to spend time with her dad.

In 2004, Nan started school and things seemed to turn around and she was okay. Dan even got into church and was making changes in his life to. The anxiety never quiet went away for Nan though and she was still uncomfortable around her dad and didn’t want to go with him.

Nan entered a spelling bee at school and did very well making it to the 3rd level but her dad made fun of her because she spelled the last word wrong. He never praised her for the ones she spelled correctly. Nan was crushed. When Nan had a choir concert Dan showed up drunk and told her she “sang like a fish”. Nan quit choir the following week.

It’s sad that although Dan sexually abuses Nan she still seeks the approval of her daddy. In time Nan will know and fully understand that she will never have his approval nor does she need it. She is above him and he will never be at her level.

Strangely Nan started her menstrual cycle, however, it was only when she came home after visitation from Dan’s home and it was never a lot of blood. She also started complaining that her vagina hurt. When Amber took her to the doctor she was told it was the bubble bath Nan was using in the bathtub.

Amber stopped letting Nan take bubble baths but the pain didn’t cease so she took her back to the doctor.  At that point the doctor said that it was possible that the pain was from her periods and that girls start their periods at such young ages these days because of growth hormones in the milk and meat.

In 2008, Amber took her for counseling and during sand tray therapy Nan showed her dad drinking and driving with pills all over the car. During this time Nan came from a visit at her dad’s house extremely upset and said he beat her step-mom up. She started drawing pictures of what her dad did to her step-mom and wrote about it quite a bit. Nan started talking to the school counselor about some of her problems.

The counselor Amber took her to concluded that she had not been abused. Amber says that Nan is very shy and good at masking her feelings; therefore the counselor was never able to see the truth.

In 2010 Nan started telling her mom that she no longer wanted to go to her dads at all anymore but Amber told her that she would have to be the one to tell him that and they needed to talk.

Nan was 10 when she became more depressed and desolate. She was writing more poetry and crying herself to sleep at night. She also quit talking to her mom for a short time. When she did talk she said her dad was forcing her to watch rated R movies with him. Amber told her that she didn’t like it but she couldn’t do anything about it because it was happening at his house.

Amber would find out later that he would make her sit in his lap while they watched them and would tell her if she refused she had to go in the room where the ghost was. Her step-grandfather died in the room so she was afraid to go in there and Dan played on that fear.

Late one evening around 10:30 Nan called her mom from her aunt’s home crying, she wanted to come home. Amber told Nan to put her aunt on the phone but Nan didn’t want to do that. Nan called again at midnight and Amber asked her again to put her aunt on the phone and Nan refused. Finally, when Nan called at 2:30 she agreed. Nan’s aunt would not allow her to pick up Nan and said she was handling everything and it was ok. When Amber called then next day to check on Nan, the aunt told Amber that Dan had issues, he and Nan needed to have a talk. Nan’s aunt also made a point to tell Amber that “every minute Nan was with me I knew that she was safe”. Amber said that made her feel very awkward.

Nan called her mom the next day to be picked up and her step-mom told her to “just come get her”. That was the last time Nan ever went to her dads for visitation and it’s been over a year now. Nan refuses to go back and she and her dad got into a big argument over the phone about it.

Dan showed up at Amber’s home and waited until she and Nan came home one day. Amber didn’t stop so Dan chased them. Amber ended up taking herself and the kids to a safe house because she knew what Dan was capable of and her husband wasn’t home to help at the time. Dan never came back around after that incident.

In June Amber and her husband asked if Dan gave her Tylenol that she would chew up or liquid.  Nan would then reveal that Dan gave her a pill with a “V” on it and it made her sick. She also said these same pills were lying all over her dad’s bedroom.

Amber and her husband left the room to discuss what they just heard and upon returning they found Nan lying in fetal position crying. Once Amber was able to calm Nan down she revealed that she was having nightmares of Dan raping her. Almost 50% of Nans dreams were of a sexual nature, not something that a 10 year old should be dreaming about and certainly not something that a little girl would know about. Nan also had been having accidents in bed and was always sick.

Nan began drawing pictures of him penetrating her with his fingers. She told her mom that her dad came in and lay on top of her, told her he loved her and it felt like “a big poop” in her privates. Amber called and scheduled an appointment with a counselor.

The day before her counseling appointment Nan asked her mom if it was normal that her dad dried her vagina and bottom with a towel, but she had to dry the rest of her body. Nan said he would make her stand on the toilet while she toweled off. Sometimes she had to take a shower twice a day if her step mom was at work.

When Amber took her to the therapist he agreed that Nan was being abused and called CPS and was told to go to the police in Dan’s city to file a report. Nan was scared to death to tell on her dad and said that he had a machete and was afraid he may use it to hurt her.

The next day Nan revealed that her dad would smell her underwear while she was naked during the bath times and toweling off. She also talked more about the movies they watched together and Amber was able to determine that they were actually porn and not rated R movies. She also told her mom that her dad threatened to kill her whole family if she ever told on him. Amber says after Nan told her that she screamed and ran to hide in the closet.

After all of this, Nan started displaying the anger and rage she had towards her dad. She was cutting the heads off all of her stuffed animals he bought her and tore open a pillow with scissors and said that she was ripping his “chicken liver” and “heart” out. To Nan, she was cutting his feelings apart.

Amber talked to the counselor and he told her not to let her do those things or they would have to put her in the psychiatric unit. Nan started threatening to harm herself and Amber had to put everything up out of reach for Nan’s safety. Nan finally calmed down about 2 weeks later.

In July CPS called and scheduled a forensic interview. Both the CPS caseworker and the Detective said they believed Nan but had to investigate more. The District Attorney applied for a search warrant but the judge denied it. Amber has never been told why and she is still trying to find out.

When Amber took Nan to the forensic exam with the SANE nurse they did not find any evidence. She was informed that the hymen grows back unless it is violent in most cases. They informed me that 80% of teen girls that are pregnant show up as virgins.

CPS now says that they are unable to determine if she has been abused. They have also determined that she was not drugged. When Amber called the caseworker’s supervisor he was arrogant and she was not able to get anywhere with him.

The counselor filed a complaint against CPS because they said that he was not 100% sure the abuse took place, which was a lie. The police have also closed the case since no charges could be filed. The detective on the case informed Amber by email rather than a phone call or visit!

Dan was also investigated on charges against his nieces. When CPS was investigating Nan’s case she told them that her 13 year old and 9 year old cousins were making her act out sexual things with them. Amber said that the oldest stopped once she turned 7 but the youngest continued even after talking to the parents.

Nan also told her mom that her dad would make her stay in the room with the door closed when the cousins were in the bath. She also told me that the 9 year old would ask her 13 year old sister to Google “sex like Uncle Dan would do for her”.

Dan has NEVER been charged or arrested for sexually assaulting Nan because she did not SEE him. Nan smelt him, felt him and knew it was her father hurting her but because she did not actually SEE him with her own eyes the DA cannot press charges. Can anyone please explain to me how this makes sense? This is the most absurd technical glitch in our law that I have EVER heard of and we need to get this changed. Amber, I am behind you 100%, we are from the same state and I will work with you side-by-side in anything that you need assistance with.

Author: M. Stone, Unforgotten Angels

I cannot grasp the concept of someone looking at a child, or really anyone for that matter and having the urge to beat them into unconsciousness. Abuse of a child is the most evil and vile of any crime imaginable. Once someone crosses that line they are no longer a human being in my mind nor do they deserve to be treated as one.  I understand being under extreme stress and trying to make ends meet. I even understand working all day and coming home to a screaming, tired and hungry kid that has gotten on your last nerve. I’ve been there, but never would I harm one of my kids or anyone else’s. Some people are not meant to be parents. Unfortunately, there is no legal way that I’m aware of to stop them from conceiving. That would be infringing on their “rights”.

Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden, 28 and John T. Coleman, 26 may be two people that should never be allowed to have children. I’ll leave that up for the readers to decide.

On April 21, 2010 at 1:15PM, Deputy Sarah Green responded to a call in Okeechobee, Florida regarding a welfare check on a small child. Upon arrival, Deputy Green walked up to a trailer house that was in ill repair and knocked on the door. An adult answered the door and Deputy Green told the adult that she was there to check on the child in the home. The adult told Deputy Green that the child’s mother, Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden as well as the child was not there. Deputy Green reiterated that she wanted to come in and look around anyway. The unnamed adult roommate went to the back of the trailer and carried a toddler back into the front so Deputy Green could see her. Deputy Sarah Green had seen many cases but this one was worse than she had ever seen in her career calling it the worst child abuse ever. It was clear Lilly Harden had been left in that room to die.

Deputy Sarah Green reported that Lilly might have weighed 20 lbs. if even that. “Her head was hanging back because she couldn’t support,” says Green.  “She was lifeless, limp, just non-responsive.”

Deputy Green called for Emergency Medical Services against Amanda’s wish, who was in the trailer. Yes, even after mom and her live-in boyfriend were caught she still argued with Deputy Green because she didn’t want little Lilly to get the medical attention that would have saved her life. The Okeechobee County Fire and Rescue responded and said Lilly Harden had severe trauma and needed extensive medical care.

Aeromed helicopter ambulance was dispatched and she was flown to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach County.  She was immediately admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit.

Detectives Bryan Lowe and Rosemary Farless started investigating Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden and her live-in boyfriend John T. Coleman. Ashby and Coleman had been seeing each other for less than 6 months and John had been watching Lilly while her mom worked at Circle K convenience store. They have determined, through confessions, that Coleman was the one who was beating 2-year-old Lilly Harden. Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden was aware of all the abuse John T. Coleman had been inflicting on her daughter but the simple fact is, she just didn’t care about 2-year-old Lilly Harden enough to do anything about it.

She tried to disguise the bruises.

Lilly laid in her bed for a minimum of one full day with 2 black eyes, a huge knot on her forehead, a bruise on the bridge of her nose and triangle shaped bruises on each side of her neck. She had other various bruises all over her body and a broken arm. Once in the hospital they diagnosed her with bleeding in the brain, bruising to the left and right side of her brain, bilateral retinal bleeding, swelling in her brain, an impact fracture to her elbow, she was blind and had a ligament injury to her neck. She has also been diagnosed to have Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Doctors say they are not able to give her a prognosis at this time or know how severe her brain damage is yet.

Her mother refused to seek medical attention for her daughter and instead allowed her to lay there in bed in pain.  ”She’s not out of the woods yet,” he said. “The doctors said her condition one year from the date of her injuries is the best she will ever be. She has limited control of her arms and legs and is blind. Doctors are unsure if and when her vision will return.

John T. Coleman told officers he used a belt or a makeshift paddle to whoop Lilly. He said he would also make this 2-year-old baby stand in the corner on one foot as punishment when she made him mad or got out of line. John Coleman also admitted to smearing Lilly’s dirty diapers in her face for not going to the bathroom in the toilet. He told deputies that the night of the “accident” he was throwing Lilly up in the air and she smacked her head on a wooden beam in the trailer and it knocked her out. He [John Coleman] said he put her in bed and later he tried to wake her up by shaking her.

Detective Ted Van Deman choked up when describing the case. “She had significant abuse, significant,” he says.  “This is the worst I’ve seen.”

Lilly’s grandmother reported “Lilly is improving on a daily basis.  She has a long recovery ahead of her.” and “Her recovery is measured in baby steps and we have a lot of baby steps to go.”  She is alert and talking for the first time as of May 5. Lilly spent just under a month in  St. Mary’s Medical Center and was released to go home on May 13th. Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) Detective Bryan Lowe reported that although baby Lilly physically looked better she only had partial vision in her left eye and was still blind in her right. Doctors are still hoping she will regain her vision once the swelling in her brain subsides. She will also soon begin physical therapy.

Lilly will remain in the custody of her grandparents.

Report’s never mentioned how many siblings’s Lilly had or if they were being abused as well. It was only said that The Department of Children and Family Services removed them from the home at the time Lilly went into the hospital. There was also no mention of the biological father (s) of the children so he may or may not be in the picture.

Enough evidence was collected on both Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden and John T. Coleman to arrest them both on April 29, 2010.

Amanda Lynn Ashby-Harden was charged with Child Neglect and John T. Coleman was charged with 1 count of Felony child neglect, 1 count of felony aggravated child abuse by aggravated battery, 9 counts of aggravated child abuse by malicious conduct and is being held without bond.



UPDATE 3/18/11



3/18/11 I’ve mentioned before that I also write for Max submitted this story yesterday along with updates he was able to find since I wrote this in January. He was even able to find a picture of Lilly and another video. I’ve also mentioned most of what I’ve learned when it comes to research, I learned it from the best lol. Below are the updates since 1/11.


Video of Lilly’s grandparents and how she is doing now, includes her learning to walk again: 


“She was blind when we brought her home, couldn’t walk, couldn’t sit up, couldn’t hold her head up by herself. She went almost back to a newborn stage, had to re-learn everything from holding her head up to sitting up to crawling, walking.”




Please email or call the PROSECUTOR on this case and beg that justice be served for Lilly Harden. No plea deals, stiffer charges, and swift justice must be served.


Lilly has no one to speak for her except for supporters like us, so please ta…ke a moment to call or email asking

for Justice for Lilly. We are the childrens voices.


Amanda Harden (mother): Case number: CF269A

John T Coleman (boyfriend) : Case number : CF269B


Prosecutor: Ashley Albright:

(863) 763- 5557




December 1, 2008 a 16-year-old emaciated boy managed to escape his abusers. He found the key to his shackles and unlocked himself while being driven by one of his abusers. When he got home  he used  the trampoline to jump over an 8 ft. solid wall and took off running until he reached the In-Shape Fitness center (located behind the home he was being kept at) where he begged employees to help him and was quoted saying “Hide me, please hide me, They’re coming for me”.

Before you read further, go back and read that again. The mere fact that this boy gathered the courage and more so the strength is amazing in itself. You’ll soon find out why.

The teen was wearing only boxers, covered in soot, sores and  scars. Kyle Ramirez still had the 3 ft. of padlocked shackles around his right ankle and was bleeding profusely.  He had been tortured, starved and beaten for over a year. At first, Lea Leonardo of In-Shape fitness thought it was a joke and then thought the boy was perhaps a burn victim. He was the size of a 12-year-old rather than a 16-year-old. Police said he was confused when they first began questioning him but he eventually came around and that’s when this sick and twisted tale began to unfold.

Prosecutors have only just recently released his real name and this video of Kyle minutes after he escaped.

In 2007,  Kyle Ramirez was in foster care in Sacramento. He ran away from his group foster care to try and find his biological  family. He was reported missing but they never located him. He somehow ended up with Caren Ramirez, a former guardian. Kyle had been taken out of Caren’s custody previously due to abuse.

On May 30,2006 while Kyle lived with Caren the cops were dispatched to Caren’s home because of a child abuse report. Kyle’s 21-year-old sister Christina Sanchez was the one that reported the abuse to the police. She said 13-year-old Kyle showed her bruises on his legs, arms, buttocks and a split/swollen lip. During the investigation Kyle told police that Caren Ramirez used martial arts sticks, spatulas, broom handles and coat hangers to beat him when she was angry.

Another time on August 20, 2005 the Sacramento Police dept. was dispatched to Caren’s house for an assault in progress. 16-year-old Austin L. told officer’s his mother, Caren Ramirez was hitting him with a stick in the head and chest. Caren denied that she hit the boy and said him and his friend were playing and that the marks were probably from that.

Austin told officer’s Caren told him to go into the yard and then said “No, better yet, come into my bedroom”. When Austin went into the bedroom and shut the door Caren said “I’m going to f*ck you up!” she told him to “get on his knees”. She was also saying “I heard you talking sh*t, saying I’m not your mom”. Caren then grabbed the martial arts stick and busted him in the head 4-5 times. Austin tried to protect his head by putting his hands up and Caren yelled “don’t put your hand’s up” . Austin said the beating was because he didn’t bring home enough money after being sent out to pandhandle.

Caren’s original Probation record that includes CPS details can be seen here.

It was after these  incident’s both Kyle Ramirez and Austin L. was removed from Caren Ramirez’ care. Kyle was reported as a run-away on May 9,2007.

When Kyle and Caren met back up together they went to Tracy, Ca. where they met Kelly Layne Lau-Schumacher and husband Michael Luther Schumacher. Mr. and Mrs. Schumacher being the caring individuals they are took Caren and the teenage boy in because they had no where else to go. They all started out living as a happy family that included Michael, Kelly, Caren and Kyle. Oh and Michael and Kelly had 4 children of their own.

Ok, well that’s not quiet how it went unfortunately for Kyle.

Once in the Schumacher home they took this boy and chained him up like a dog. Caren would heat up an aluminum baseball bat in the fireplace, burn and beat him with it daily.  They all took part in beating him with belts, mallets, hammers and cutting him with knives. These maggots also poured hot water over him, forced him to drink hot cinnamon schnapps and hit him with boxing gloves. They starved him, made him sleep in a wood-burning fireplace, strangled him with a belt until he lost consciousness and forced him to take drugs so he would have no will to fight back. Caren also poured bleach and salt into his open wounds and would beat him if he tried to get into the refrigerator. He had a permanent indention in his ankle where the chain was. Kyle’s physical condition was so bad he stayed in a burn unit for 20 days for third degree burns that had scabbed over and had to have skin grafts to repair the damage that was done to his broken and burnt body.

There was someone outside the home that knew this was going on and had even spent Thanksgiving inside the Schumacher home. That person was Coach Anthony Vincent Waiters, a neighbor of the Schumacher’s.  That’s right, Mr. Waiter’s was a coach for youth football and a respected member in the community. He could have helped, but instead he (allegedly) opted to join in on the fun of beating Kyle rather than show him any mercy.

I want to remind you that this went on for over a year while their own children continued to flourish.

Kelly and Michael were arrested in December on charges of  torture, aggravated mayhem (mayhem is NOT a charge handed out lightly), child endangerment/abuse, false imprisonment, criminal threats, assault with caustic chemicals and corporal injury to a child.

Kelly of course tried  playing the part of the victim and said she was glad he escaped, she never wanted any of this to happen. Kelly’s excuse was that they were afraid for the lives of their own children and their selves so they joined in. Sounds reasonable, right? Yeah, we believe you. Oh, and of course they both plead not guilty. Once they realized no one was going to believe their pathetic story they quickly changed their plea to guilty.

Caren Ramirez was arrested later that same evening on the same charges and Anthony Waiters was arrested on Feb. 4, 2009 and charged with aggravated mayhem, torture and false imprisonment.

When Kyle took the stand he was quoted as saying

“I remember they said they would, like, cut me up and everything and throw me in the delta, and one time he, Michael, asked Kelly for a syringe so he could, like, pump air into my veins and stuff like that,”.

During Kyle’s testimony he said days or weeks after his arm was burned in the fireplace his abusers cut the burn with a steak knife 4 or 5 times. San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney, Angela Hayes then asked Kyle what they did after they cut him? Kyle replied,

“So they put my arm over a bucket and then poured bleach on my cut, and then they put a bandage … I think it was a paper towel or something,” Kyle said, according to the grand jury report. “And then they taped it after — oh, my bad — they put butter and salt after they poured the bleach on.”

Dr. Rosas testified that Kyle had multiple scars on the crown of his head that would have been caused by a heavy object hitting him and splitting the skin. She said the wounds would have required stitches but instead they were untreated and healed as thick, deep scars. The first time she saw him he had what appeared to be glue residue on his head. He was so malnourished he had not gone through puberty yet.

A neighbor said that Kyle looked maltreated and the family lived without electricity for a month. They said it was none of their business. That’s an excuse and it’s getting old fast. It’s amazing the things people see yet never speak about. The neighbor is just as guilty as these people for doing nothing.

The prosecutor asked Schumacher’s 5 and 9 year old children why the boy was always in trouble and they said it was because he thought he was the boss of everyone and would try to steal food from the fridge. They (they kids) said their mom and dad would hit the boy on the head and  body with baseball bats until he would scream and they told them not to tell anyone.  The kids also told the prosecutor that the adults would chain Kyle up. One of the children would sneak Kyle food as often as possible.

Anthony was the only one to plead not guilty and he will go to trial this month. Michael Schumacher was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Kelly Layne Lau-Schumacher was sentenced to 33 years and Caren Ramirez was sentenced to 34 years.

While searching for court documentation on the trial I found what looks to be like a divorce in the making between Kelly and Michael.

Search Warrants:

As a side note I want to add that people from all over the world came together and donated $33,000.00 to Kyle. Although money means absolutely nothing, Kyle at least knows he is loved and people do care about him.

I also want to add that I am SO proud of Kyle Ramirez for facing his demons. He is a survivor and truly a HERO. This is a picture of Kyle today.


UPATE: 2/10/11 Anthony Waiters will go to trial this month. Please keep Kyle in your thoughts.


UPDATE: 3/1 I mentioned in my article that “Youth Coach” Anthony Waiters pleaded not guilty therefore his case went to trial. While he was fighting for his freedom his brother was lashing out at everyone saying “his brother” was a good man and people needed to leave him alone and quit “picking” on him. I saw the comments from the hurting brother. I can even empathize with him therefore I never said anything to him.

I’ve followed this case since the minute it hit the news. I was sitting in my hotel suite 2 years ago reading the news online, CNN was on TV and my daughter was studying, we had just moved to Amarillo. I will never forget Kyle or anything about what he has gone through.I’ve read to many court documents and CPS records that described the torture, I can’t forget.

Anthony Waiters refused to accept responsibility for his part in beating, mutilating and torturing Kyle. All 3 of Kyle’s other abuser’s were smart enough to plead guilty and they received less than 34 years. I don’t agree with that sentence but they knew they would be found guilty and they knew the consequences if they plead not guilty. Now please excuse my language but this smug son of a bitch plead not guilty because in his pea-sized brain he thought he would get away with his crimes. Anthony “dumb-ass” Waiters wasn’t even there for the majority of the beatings. He probably would have received less time than the others. I can only assume because he never said but my guess is that because he was seen as such an outstanding member in the community there was no way he would be found guilty.

WRONG! This fool wasted the court’s time, dragged Kyle through MORE testimony and wasted taxpayers money. I’m sure the judge was none to happy.

Anthony Waiters was sentenced to 3 life sentences on March 1, 2011. Unfortunately they will run concurrently and he will be eligible for parole in 19 years. In 19 years there will be plenty of people to write and ask that they keep him locked up.

Prosecutor Angela Hayes said that after the sentencing Waiters was still in denial.

“In his mind he’s convinced himself that he didn’t do those things,” Hayes said. “He knows full well what he did. The evidence is overwhelming.”

Waiters’ attorney said his client is planning to appeal.

Author: M. Stone, Unforgotten Angels

I am just looking for ONE person to help me. Please!

I have 2 children. Nathan who is 5 and Ryleigh who is soon to be 4. This happened when Nate was 3, and Ryleigh wasn’t even 2 yet.

On Oct, 31 2008, My children’s father, N. Lewis, Drove from Charleston, SC to Richmond, VA. He came up there to spend Halloween with the children and the following day was going to take them back to SC to visit with him and his family for a week. Nov. 1, I packed the 4 runner, and kissed my babies goodbye, not knowing what lay ahead.

A few hours later I got a phone call that made my whole world stop. Trooper Robert Hunt had called me to inform me that there had been an accident. My immediate reaction was “How are my babies, are my babies okay”

I was told that he didn’t know the condition on the children. That the oldest is alive, but the youngest had been life flighted to Duke. I found out Nathan was taken to the local hospital 4 hours from me, and 2 hours away from where Ryleigh had been taken. No one could tell me anything. I sat there 3 hours away from my nearest child not even knowing if she was alive.

I was told alcohol was involved, I was told that she wasn’t even strapped in her car seat and that her car seat wasn’t strapped to the car. I was told the truck flipped multiple times. I was told she was found hanging out the car window by her leg. I was told all this, but still wasn’t told if my daughter was alive.

I arrived in Duke, NC a few hours later and got to see my daughter. Would you believe that despite everything that happened, when I walked in there my little angel looked up at me and smiled!! Her face bloody and covered in bruises, her tiny body in casts, and her neck in a brace, she still had the strength to smile at her mommy.

Ryleigh suffered from a head concision, broken rib, and a broken femur. The child that was thrown around a vehicle like a rag doll, made it!!!

I was still faced with the problem that my son was 2 hours away. How could I leave my daughter? How could I not go to my son? I ended up getting a family member to go to Nathan, and bring him to me. Nate ended up having 32 stitches across his head. He, luckily, had no broken bones, and like his sister, wore a smile.

I thank god every day that my babies made it through this awful event.

Nate went through some very hard adjustments after the wreck. He stopped talking as much, stopped using the potty, would have nightmares, and repeated the story of the wreck every day saying how ” I saw sissy roll around the truck like this” and would roll his arms together.

Ryleigh’s cast was from her chest down. She couldn’t sit, bathe, walk…nothing. Her privileges of a 1 yr. old were taken from her. She was finally taken out of her cast in Jan, 09.

My daughter will never play sports because of her leg injury, My son recently came home from school and wanted to know why he had a huge scar on his head, that the other kids picked on him for it. So, yes, it might be two years later, but my children still suffer.

N Lewis: He was taken to the local hospital where he was so drunk, the nurses couldn’t even handle him. He screamed at them to get away from his son, that Nathan was fine. He cussed everyone out that came near him. He was beyond intoxicated. He ended up getting transferred to Duke, because of a wrist injury.

When released there, he wasn’t locked up because he wasn’t in Lumberton county anymore, or maybe is it because if he was locked up the county would have to pay for his hospital and doctor fees for the time being?

N. Lewis went to Atlanta, GA where he still lives with his mother. He has been to court, but every time walks out with a new court date. He walks the streets every day, and has his privileges as an adult, never facing time for taking away what he did from his children.

He has 11 charges that I will post at the bottom of this. ELEVEN! After fighting with the DA’s office, one of those charges was bumped up to a felony.

This is a man that laughs at the fact that he hasn’t faced time. This is a man who goes to AA meetings just to get a signature to show the judge. This is a man that has never once paid for what he has done.

Where is our justice system? How is it that a man dealing drugs can be arrested, face a judge, do time, and get released, all before a man that almost killed his kids because he wanted a beer, can?

Neil’s charges:

*Driving while impaired

* No operators license

* Civil revocation Drivers License.

* 2 counts of MISDEMEANOR child abuse.

* Speeding

*Reckless driving to endanger

*Drinking beer/wine while driving

* Failure to maintain lane control

*Failure to secure passenger under the age of 13.

* Felony Serious injury by vehicle.

Why aren’t the child abuse misdemeanors, felonies? Am I the only one that thinks if you drink and drive around with your children unstrapped from a car seat, that you should do the time? Is this fair? Justice? I think NOT.

N. Lewis has a court date coming up. FOR DISTRICT COURT! Which means the felony that he had, is getting dropped and he won’t make it to Superior court.

I am trying to fight this. I am trying to change how things in Lumberton and Roberson county work. No parent should have to watch their child suffer like this, while the person responsible goes about his life.

Author: A Child’s Justice

Sadly, this is only 1 out of 1,000’s of cases of drunk driving and child abuse that never make it into the papers or on the nightly news.

Please join Nathan and Ryleigh’s Cause and help get their story out.

You can join A Child’s Justice group to show support for Nathan and Ryleigh at the link below.!/pages/A-Childs-Justice/185930658099180

****WARNING: This story may repulse, enrage or make you have nightmares. It’s not for those that are easily sickened. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The Victim’s name has been kept confidential.****

As a little girl I think we all dream of becoming a dancer, a model or maybe even a big movie star. I know I did. My father, during one of his many times of attempting sobriety owned a carpet store. I was in his local TV commercial, it wasn’t a speaking part but during that time I just knew it was the start of my acting career. I was only about 10 so it didn’t take much to excite me back then.

A teenager only known as FV also had big dreams of becoming a dancer and a model. She was a 16-year-old runaway that had grown up in foster homes all of her life. There was never any mention of her parents so I don’t know where they were. FV also had mental disabilities so she was more naive and trusting than most 16-year-old young ladies were.

It’s never been made really clear but in 2002, Edward Bagley, 43, of Lebanon, Mo.  met FV and offered her a place to live at his trailer house and promised to make her “dreams come true”. I’m sure in FV’s mind she thought she had finally found someone that might love her and care for her. That’s probably all she’s ever wanted.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bagley gave FV her very own bedroom, bought her clothes and fed her well. These were things this girl never had in all of her 16 years. Some people said she appeared spoiled. I wish I could tell you they helped her to achieve her goals, Mr. Bagley was like Daddy Warbuck’s and FV played the part of Annie. Sadly, that’s not the case this time. There will be no fairy tales in this story.  

No, instead, shortly after FV began living with the Bagley’s he also started giving her marijuana and ecstasy. He also started grooming FV by making her view pornographic and sadomasochism images online and on TV. I’m sure you can guess what happened next but I’ll tell you anyway. He started sexually abusing her. He also brought her into the marital bed, I’ll tell you about that in a few minutes.

In February 2004, Bagley admittedly started sexually torturing the mentally handicapped girl. The torturing allegedly didn’t begin until FV signed a contract stating that she was legally agreeing to be a “sex slave”. FV states differently and that it actually started almost immediately. Bagley thought he was smart by saying he had her sign the contract when she was 18.

Bagley had been brainwashing this mentally disabled girl and she believed she was legally bound to him for the rest of her life as his sex slave. He also confiscated all of her identification documents once she signed the contract.

Since he now owned the girl he had to show her who was in control. He had her marked as his slave. She had a bar code tattooed on her neck, the Chinese symbol for slave on her ankle and a tribal tattoo on her back with the letter “S” for slave.

FV was also used for Human sex trafficking.

From December 2002 to February 2009 he advertised online that she could be tortured and sexually abused in person or online through webcasts. He would stream live webcasts of these sessions to paying customers.  Dennis Henry, 50, of Wheaton, Mo., Michael Stokes, 62, of Lebanon, Mo., James Noel, 44, of Springfield, Mo. and Bradley Cook, 31, of St. Louis, Mo. were paying customers and watched FV being tortured and sexually abused.

Noel paid $300.00 to get his jollies off. Henry and Stokes actually met up with Bagley and tortured FV themselves. Cook also tortured, sexually abused her and downloaded video of Bagley torturing her. During these torture and abuse sessions, Bagley would suffocate and electrocute her. He would nail her labia and nipples to wooden planks, lock her in a suspended dog cage and also took part in water-boarding her.

In fact, Bagley was very creative in his torture techniques. He enjoyed beating, whipping, flogging, forced abortions with coat hangers, caining, skewering, hanging, caging, stapling, piercing and sewing up her urinary opening and vagina shut. Bagley also inserted a catheter and clamped the cord to avoid her from urinating for extended periods of time, used a sensory deprivation device and violent wands.

FV was forced to call him “Master Ed” and be in complete compliance or reap his vengeance. I can’t imagine it being any worse, but it did get worse if she did not submit to him.

This young girl was traded for steaks, cigarettes, clothing, lighters, coats and cash. Henry and Stokes paid $2,900 for Bagley to take her to Ca. for a pornographic photo shoot.

I doubt this is the type of model she dreamed of being when she was a child, don’t you?

Stokes also gave Bagley money to build a torture device for FV.

Bagley also forced FV to strip at an exotic club between June 2007 and February 2009. Part of his charges includes forced labor trafficking and document servitude. Bagley earned $112,000.00 from FV’s work. If she failed his expectations of being the highest tipped dancer he would punish her with torture, physical and sexual abuse.

It is said that if and when FV tried to stop the torture and sexual abuse or cried out for help Bagley would escalate the pain he doled out to her. He kept a lot of guns in the home. He would shoot her pets in front of her, brag about how he had buried other bodies behind his trailer house and threaten to bury her alive. He would go one step further and show her videos of how he intended to bury her alive to further cause mental anguish and scare the hell out her.

He was making damn sure she wasn’t going anyway, ever

I bet your wondering how these sadistic bastards were caught huh? Well, Bagley was in the middle of sexually abusing and torturing FV. He electrocuted and suffocated her and I guess that was finally enough to put her poor body into a state of shock. She went into cardiac arrest on February 27, 2009. Bagley wasn’t too worried; after all, FV signed a slave contract, remember?

Mrs. Bagley called 911 and Mr. Bagley performed CPR. FV was taken to the emergency room by ambulance and hospitalized.

FV is still alive today and it said that she is doing good and being well taken care of. I doubt she is doing “ok”. This young woman will no doubt need a lifetime of counseling.

All of these men, if I can dare call them that have been charged with criminal conspiracy, one count of commercial sex trafficking, one count of using the Internet to facilitate the unlawful activity.

Bagley’s also charged with forced labor trafficking, document servitude, Internet for enticement, enticement to travel for sexual activity, conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance to a person under the age of 21 and being a drug user in possession of multiple firearms and ammunition.

Bagley and Henry are charged together in one count of transportation for sexual activity.

Cook is charged with one count of being a drug user in possession of firearms and ammunition.

All 5 men are being held without bail.

The federal indictment also contains a forfeiture allegation, which would require Bagley to forfeit to the government any proceeds obtained from the alleged offenses, as well as any property used to commit the alleged offenses, including $112,200 allegedly obtained by the forced labor trafficking of the victim, two computers, sex toys and paraphernalia and torture devices and 11 firearms.

Cook would also be required to forfeit three computers, a hard drive, two Xbox 360s and seven firearms.

 New Release from United States Dept. of Justice



“Under federal statutes, a conviction for commercial sex trafficking carries a penalty of a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in federal prison without parole. A conviction for either commercial sex trafficking or forced labor trafficking that involves aggravated sexual abuse carries a maximum penalty of life in federal prison without parole.


Phillips cautioned that the charges contained in this indictment are simply accusations, and not evidence of guilt.”

Evidence supporting the charges must be presented to a federal trial jury, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Cynthia L. Cordes. It was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in conjunction with the Human Trafficking Rescue Project.

United States Attorney, Beth Phillips stated to Ky3: 

“The allegations contained in this indictment are among the most horrific ever prosecuted in this district,” and “The sexual torture suffered over a period of years by the victim is highly disturbing.”


 I’m sure you’re wondering where Mrs. Bagley was during all of this? She was and is continuing to stand by her man, of course. I mentioned above Bagley bringing FV into his bed, he did in fact bring her into his bed with his wife. Mrs. Bagley maintains that FV, now remember, she was only 16 when she moved in under false pretenses, has always been a willing participate of their BDSM lifestyle.

Mrs. Hosebag also states that they already knew the girl and she was not a runaway. She was in fact their son’s ex-girlfriend and they picked her up from her adoptive parent’s home after a fight. She further goes on to say that FV did not move in until she was 17 and Bagley did not have sex with her until she was 18. It sounds to me like they are trying hard to cover their asses.

Bagley also says that Prosecutors have told her that she will also be brought up on charges if she fails to testify against her husband. She said she will not get on the stand because they have done nothing wrong.

Bagley’s friends and family are coming out of the woodwork to defend his honor as being a wonderful man.

They say FV allowed herself to be on the cover of the July 2009 issue of Taboo magazine. Bagley is also seen in that issue as well and is noted as saying “My slave girl is in Taboo magazine, but it’s the July issue, she is in and on the cover … Also, the interview about the slave and Myself is in the august issue of Taboo … It was a very fun experience,”.

Guess what morons? Federal law prohibits any mentally ill or mentally retarded person to work in any type of sex industry. The FBI states that FV has mental disabilities. POINT BLANK they are all Guilty!

The Indictment



I realize that FV’s name and pictures are available online, I’m choosing not to to use them here. Instead, below is a picture of the ringleader Edward Bagley.

Ed Bagley


Author: M. Stone, Unforgotten Angels

This is afterAmanda Runyon is the 3 year old daughter of Eddie Runyon and Dawn Obptande. Amanda lived with her mom Dawn and her mom’s live in boyfriend, Kraig A. Monroe, 24. Eddie is a coal miner in Kentucky and was often out of town so he was unable to see little Amanda on a daily basis. Dawn also has 2 other children besides Amanda and Kraig has 1 child, all 4 children lived in the home.

Kraig’s child slept in a bed, Dawn’s children were made to sleep on the floor.

Neighbor’s reported that they saw and heard domestic violence in the mobile home on several occasions. As in most cases, no one ever bothered to report what they heard or saw.

At the time Kraig was an unemployed roofer so he would babysit while Dawn was at work at a Nursing Home. For 3 to 4 days Dawn left Amanda with Kraig Monroe while she was working and he brutally beat baby Amanda everyday.

Kraig repeatedly punched Amanda in the stomach using full force while she sat in her little Elmo chair. He also ripped her hair out of her head because she wouldn’t quit crying.

Dawn dropped Amanda off at her mother’s house. Dawn’s mother called her and told her she needed to take Amanda to the hospital. Unfortunately Dawn was not concerned with Amanda, she gave her Motrin.

It wasn’t until the next morning that she took her to the hospital.

When she arrived at Memorial Hospital in Belleville, IL. on March 1, 2010 she was vomiting, listless and unconscious. Amanda was suffering a lacerated ulcer, lacerations to her liver, a tear in her intestine, a previously broken leg that was healing, a broken foot, and a broken arm that had not been treated. She was placed on a breathing tube and put into a medically induced coma.

Amanda’s dad arrived at the Hospital as soon as he heard the news. He stayed at her side the whole time.

Doctors were unsure if little Amanda was going to be able to pull through because of the seriousness of the injuries inflicted on her by Kraig Monroe.

Memorial Hospital airlifted Amanda to SSM Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis because she needed extensive care.

The next day on March 2nd, Amanda had surgery and the surgeon’s had to remove 18 inches of her small intestine. Doctors were unsure if she would ever be able to eat properly again and inserted a feeding tube for nutrition.

Amanda spent 7 days in the Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. Tarun Kumar, a pediatric surgeon stated that he did not expect Amanda to have any long-term physical problems although there is a chance that she may have a bowel obstruction later on in life. Amanda would also have to take daily vitamins for the rest of her life because she is not able to digest food properly.

Before leaving the hospital Eddie told reporters:

“I just want the daughter I had before this,” Runyon said. “Physically she’s doing great but I think it’s going to take a little while for her to get her old personality back and to trust people and be her lively little self. “She hasn’t talked about what happened, he said. She’s getting better every day, he said. But she doesn’t talk as much as she once did. “The girl would go up to complete strangers because she was so friendly,” he said. Asked if he was angry at who hurt his daughter, Runyon said he tries not to think about it. “I trust that the judicial system will give him what he deserves,” he said. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t angry but I’m a Christian man so it’s a little easier for me to keep my cool,” he added.


Amanda was finally able to go home on March 19, 2010.

On March 4th the St. Clair County building code inspectors condemned the trailer Kraig and Dawn lived in. The trailer had been uninhabitable for a very long time.

Kraig was arrested and is being held at St. Clair County jail on charges of aggravated assault against a child. During his bond hearing the judge set his bond at $500,000.

On May 13, 2010 the Judge reduced Kraig’s bond to $300,000 because he realized Amanda was no longer going to die. This means he would only need $30,000 to post bail and get out of jail. The only condition for release besides meeting the bail amount is for him to wear an ankle monitor. Kraig’s attorney Rick Roustin requested that it be lowered to $200,000 but the Judge denied it because of his criminal history.

“The only reason he is released because our granddaughter didn’t die, but the attacker’s intent was the same. There is no reason why he should be let loose,” said Pam Runyon, Amanda’s grandmother. “


Kraig’s family posted his bail and he is still a free man as of today.

Kraig Monroe insists that he is innocent and his family is standing by him.

Dawn has not been charged with anything.

Eddie Runyon now has full custody of Amanda and they are currently living in Kentucky.

On April 16th Dawn filed for temporary custody and tried to get the court to drop the protection order against her according to St. Clair County court documents but St. Clair County, Associate Judge, Michael N. Cook denied her requests.

She also wanted the judge to open a trust fund for Amanda for all the donated money because she was afraid Eddie Runyon would abuse his power with the proceeds. The judge denied that request to.

Dawn lost custody of her other children to but never bothered trying to gain custody of them back.

Dawn is allowed supervised 4 hour visits every other weekend.

Amanda Runyon’s grandmother Linda Ford plans to attend all hearings and reported

 “I want to see justice,” Linda also said she believes Monroe is guilty but said Amanda’s mother, Dawn Obptande, should be punished. “They should both pay for it,” she said.

Psychologically Amanda has been affected by this tragedy. Her family says:

“She’s still shy of people, you know,” Ford said. “But she’s kind of back to her normal self.” Sometimes she steers clear of men with beards but she was laughing and smiling—different from the quiet little girl who left the hospital. And “I didn’t expect her to come right up and be the same old daughter she was before,” Runyon said. “But she’s getting back to it, she’s there. It didn’t take much time.”


This is not the first time abuse has been suspected in the home.

When Amanda was 10 months old in 2008 a Randolph County Sheriff’s Deputy called DCFS after he was called out to a disturbance at Eddie’s home. He said it started when Dawn dropped Amanda off at Eddie’s and told him to take her, she could not care for her.

Dawn then showed up on Eddie’s doorstep again a few days later demanding that he give Amanda back to her and he said no. When the Sheriff was called out Eddie told them that Dawn brought Amanda over filthy without clothes and diapers.

Sheriff Kennedy called DCFS and spoke to Ken Beams, Ken said to give Amanda back to her mom. The Sheriff described Amanda as living in “squalor” and that her mom’s sex offender brother, Billy Obptande was also living in the home. Billy Obptande is a registered sex offender who was convicted of statutory rape with a female under the age of 17.

Sheriff Kennedy called Beams again. At that time Beams said a case would be opened and a caseworker would call the family within 24 hours. Two days later Sheriff Kennedy said he received a call from Richard Fulton a DCFS caseworker, Fulton said an investigation had been done and there were no threats to Amanda’s living environment.

On February 23, 2010 Amanda’s mom brought her to Belleville Memorial Hospital for a broken leg. Doctor’s also detected that Amanda had a broken arm that was healing but had not been cared for.

Dawn made many excuses about how Amanda could have broken leg in two places and her arm. She said, “maybe Amanda’s brother sat on her leg.”

Can you imagine the guilt of that little boy thinking that he might have hurt his little sister so badly? Shame on you Dawn!

DCFS was notified AGAIN by Amanda’s daycare facility. At the time, DCFS called the hospital and confirmed Amanda did in fact have a broken leg so they opened an investigation for neglect against Dawn on February 24 according to Kendall Marlowe, spokesman for Illinois DCFS.

Unfortunately, when investigations are closed DCFS dumps their records so no one will ever know exactly what the DCFS investigator found, if anything, when they went to Amanda’s home said Whitelow.  “By law, any investigation that is unfounded is expunged from our system,” Whitelow said. “The referenced investigation in July 2008 by deputy sheriff Rick Kennedy was an unfounded one and therefore has been removed from our system.” 

This case has not received much media attention at all. Kraig Monroe walks the streets a free man, yes he wears a GPS ankle monitor but he has his freedom, that’s a hell of a lot more than he deserves.

Dawn Obptande, Amanda’s “mom” has not been charged with any crime. She is even able to have supervised visitation rights. Ask yourself, if your toddler had a broken leg or arm would you know it? If they were being systematically abused would you know? How could Dawn not know Amanda was being abused? Why did she not take her to the hospital when she got home? Why the hell is she not being charged? At the very least she should have charges of neglect.

Dawn knew and tried to hide Amanda’s abuse. It is also aledged that Dawn’s own mother and step-father knew about the abuse and did nothing to intervene in their granddaughters life.

Dawn and Kraig did not want Amanda’s dad and the paternal side of the family to find out that Amanda was in the hospital. The only reason they knew was because Dawn’s brother-in-law Terry felt bad and went to Linda Ford, Amanda’s grandmother and told her.

Linda Ford, Amanda’s paternal grandmother also report’s that they never new about little Amanda’s broken leg or arm until she was in the hospital and the Dr. did an MRI to check for other injuries.

While the family waits on the pending trial date of Kraig Monroe, little Amanda Runyon still shy’s away from men that remind her of Kraig. She may never be the same again because of what he took away from her. You don’t have to know Amanda to see the difference in who she used to be and who she is now. You can see it in her eyes when you look at her pictures.

When I met  Ms. Linda here at Unforgotten Angels and I gave her my word that I would help get little Amanda’s story out to as many people as I could.Please, pass this story on so as many people as possible know who Amanda Runyon is and what Kraig Monroe has done to her.

Justice has been very slow for Amanda and we don’t want her case to be swept under the carpet all because she is a fighter and lived. It is my understanding that a letter is being drawn up so an email and letter writing campain can begin. As soon as the information is available we’ll be asking for volunteers to send letters or emails out.

Amanda during happier times

News Links:,0,5306305.story?track=rss

Author: M. Stone, Unforgotten Angels


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