Jeanette Maples

"The final place I would use my wings to go to is to go really high and even higher to heaven" - Jeanette

Angela Darlene Feusi lived in a Catholic home for unwed mothers. She had 3 children when she first came into contact with CPS. Her youngest was Jeanette Marie Maples, she was born on August 9, 1994. Angela and Anthony Maples also had 2 older boys other than Jeanette together. Anthony was a drug addict and in and out of prison on drug charges so he had no contact with the kids.

Angela lost all 3 kids to CPS in the mid-90’s but fulfilled a court order and was able to regain custody of Jeanette after 6 years. The boy’s wrote letters to the judge and begged to remain in their foster homes saying they did not wan to return to their abusive mother’s care. The judge granted their requests and sent Jeanette home to Angela in 2001. Angela later had another daughter by an unknown man.

Angela was described as a possessive woman who kept her children isolated. It’s also said she was known for living in her car and thinking she was always owed something.

Mary Freeman, Angela’s friend and Richard Anthony McAnulty’s cousin introduced each other and they began a relationship in 2002 and married the same year. They had a son and Richard also had a son who was 12 at the time they married. They had 6 children all together. Three lived in the home from my understanding.

Richard was a long-haul truck driver who was rarely home up until his heart attack in August of 2009.

Jeanette attended school up until she graduated 8th grade in 2008. While she was attending middle school she had perfect attendance for the last 2 years she was enrolled and had very few friends. She was withdrawn and afraid to connect with other kids.

Her teacher was worried about her so she pulled her aside one day and Jeanette confided in the teacher and told her she was being abused. Jeanette was scared to death of her mother and people in general, she didn’t know how to interact with people. The teacher called CPS. CPS went to the home and checked the girl, Angela told them Jeanette was a compulsive liar. CPS left and closed the case.

Angela made sure Jeanette had no contact with the outside world other than family after that. She began homeschooling her.

Family started to really take notice in early 2009 when Jeanette became extremely withdrawn and looked frail. She was already skinny but she was beginning to look much worse health wise.

“I asked (the girl’s mother), ‘What’s wrong with her? She’s too skinny,’ ” Lee McAnulty, Jeanette’s grandmother and Richard’s mother recalled, adding that it appeared to her that Jeanette also had a split lip.

“I told her that she needed to have Jeanette checked, but she said, ‘No, she’s fine.’”

Lee said she called CPS and reported Angela but didn’t use her real name because she didn’t want to risk not being able to see the children. CPS told her that maybe Jeanette had a medical problem or was anorexic. Lee saw Jeanette several times within those last 4 months and every time she did she would call CPS again. They never bothered to check on Jeanette to see if there was anything going on in the home.

“They never responded,” McAnulty said. “The first time I called they should have gone out there.” Angela then cut off contact with Lynn. Jeanette was now being held captive and had absolutely no one to reach out to for help.

The day Lee McAnulty feared the most came to fruition, Angela called her panicked saying there was something wrong with Jeanette. Angela was screaming and said “She’s cold and I can’t get her up!”. Lee asked Angela if she called 911, Angela responded “NO! I don’t want to go to jail!”

Lynn then told Angela to put her son on the phone. Richard was home recovering from heart surgery. Once Richard was on the phone she told him that he better call 911 or she would come over with the police. Lynn called back again seconds later and Angela told her “that she had beaten (Jeanette) — whipped her and just got carried away,”

Sheriff’s and Medic’s found Jeanette unconscious and injured in a bathtub around 8PM. She had severe impact wounds to her legs and back. All of her front teeth were busted down to the gum-line.

Angela’s behavior was strange. At first she cried, then she was mad and she even laughed on numerous occasions while they were on the scene.

She was taken to the hospital and Angela told the attending doctor she ate just fine, she was just skinny. Jeanette weighed 50 pounds! She was pronounced dead at 8:42PM the same night, December 9, 2009.

Lee went to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield and requested to see Jeanette’s body but authorities talked her out of it because of how badly beat to death she was. “They said, ‘You don’t want to do that,’ ” she said. “They told me she weighed 50 pounds.”

Richard McAnulty Angela McAnulty child abusers murderers

Richard and Angela McAnulty

That same evening Angela and Richard McAnulty were arrested. Jeanette’s death occurred “by neglect and maltreatment” and “as a result of intentional maiming and torture.”

Lee’s son told her that he was the one that whipped her but Lee doesn’t believe that. “I told my son, ‘You tell the truth. You’re to blame, but you’re not taking the blame for something someone else did,” she said. Lynn believes her son should be found guilty for failure to protect and missing the signals of Jeanette being in distress but she does not believe that he physically abused her.

Richard McAnulty told his mother Lee that 5 days before she died he saw her drinking from the toilet. “I told him, ‘She needs your help, and you need to get her some help,’” she said. “I said, ‘You’re going to go to jail for this sort of thing.’ My son is not innocent, and he knows it.”

When a reporter asked for a statement a spokesman for the state Department of Human Services refused to comment and said they were investigating the alleged accusations.

Lee was left to clean up the mess at the McAnulty home. When she arrived she took pictures of the cluttered rooms and of the spot where Jeanette slept on the floor. She also saw notebooks with homework and poems that once belonged to her grand daughter. One page amongst them all stuck out, it was a poem about her role model. Lee was instantly saddened by the words that appeared on that piece of paper.

Kellee Clark, a former neighbor who lived across the street from the McAnulty’s for 4 years before they moved said Angela could be heard screaming all the time. Jeanette always looked very sad and solemn she said. Kellee said she once confronted Angela and she was told her child was acting up (the reason she gave for being so loud).

Kellee says she carries a lot of guilt for not intervening and trying to get help when there were obvious signs.

Another neighbor said she didn’t even know Jeanette lived at the house. “I lived next door to them for four years, and I might have seen her four times, total,” Carson said. “I assumed she lived with her (biological) father, somewhere else.”

Jeanette’s older brother Brandon Maples, 17 said in an interview“I think about (Jeanette’s death) every day. It hit me hard,” “I wonder why did this have to happen to her?” he said. “Why couldn’t she get help like I did?”

Mary Freeman, Richard’s cousin said that Angela was always mean to Jeanette and would often push hot peppers in her mouth or pull her hair. Mary offered to take Jeanette on several occasions.

Angela’s Trial:

Eugene Fire Captain Sven Wahlroos testified “I just remember it was an odd response,”“Very odd,” Wahlroos told the court, recalling the feeling in the “hair on the back of my neck. I have never had that feeling in 18 years. All I wanted to do was run.” He called his supervisor and the police. “In 18 years, I have never cried about a call,” he said. “I cried about this call.”

Ryan Sheridan was the lead paramedic and said he met Angela at the driveway and she was talking fast. He said Richard never said a word. Once inside the home Jeanette was without a shirt, had wet hair, bruises on her face and cuts above her eye. Ryan testified that the teens body was so emaciated that you could see every bone through her skin and there was no fat left on her.

Dr. Elizabeth Hilton testified that Jeanette had “no signs of life” and she was pronounced dead at 8:42PM. Jeanette had no previous medical records but she had injuries in advanced stages of healing on her lips. Her lips were deformed because mom would punch and beat her with objects so bad she needed stitches. Angela never bothered to get Jeanette medical care so all the wounds on her lips healed from the inside out, causing them to look abnormal.

Dr. Hilton said she died of cardiac arrest. “Jeanette was malnourished and she had bleeding in her brain from a massive head injury as well as hundreds of other injuries, most of them infected, some were all the way to the bone.”

Dr. Hilton testified that someone used a knife on Jeanette to cut away dying and infected skin.

Dr. Daniel Davis, the Lane County deputy state medical examiner, said Jeanette suffered so much damage, inflicted so many ways that he could not determine which injury killed her. He said she suffered “prolonged starvation,” wasting away to the point that she had no fat and very little muscle tissue left on her body. That alone could have been fatal.

He said he logged at least 200 injuries, many apparently caused when she was struck by a “manufactured object with a straight, machined edge.”

She also had pneumonia from an abscessed lung that might have sent bacteria into her bloodstream, causing shock and death. Dr. Davis said her death had multiple factors she was the victim of “repeated, ongoing, visible abuse and neglect.”

Angela McAnulty's new mugshot

Angela McAnulty's new mugshot

Detective Carl Wilkerson testified that he took two belts stiff with dried blood and tree branches stained red out of the home. He said the room where she was beaten was “something out of a horror movie,” with her blood and pieces of flesh splattered everywhere.

At one point, he pointed out spots of blood on a doll-house in the room. Jeanette had been beaten with so much force that blood flew through the tiny windows of the doll-house and landed on the inside.

The prosecutor told jurors Jeanette was starved and dehydrated. Her lips were maimed from being beat over a long period of time. Her face was disfigured and her head in bandages. On her hip she had a large area of skin that had been torn away and you could see the bone.

Prosecutor Hasselman also told the court “Jeanette had the appearance of a concentration camp victim,”

Jeanette was forced to sleep on a small piece of cardboard like a wild animal so she wouldn’t leave blood all over the carpet. Leather belts and torture devices were found in the home. He told the jury Detectives found “chunks” of flesh in the home. There was old and new blood splattered on the walls, floor and ceiling.

Angela would beat and torture Jeanette in the “torture” room specifically created for Jeanette. Angela would turn on a vacuum cleaner so the other kids wouldn’t hear the abuse going on in the room.

Often times in this “torture room” Angela would bound the teen after she (Jeanette) was forced to collect dog feces and Angela would rub it in her face and mouth. She was also made to stand facing the wall with her arms up in the air for hours at a time. If she dropped her arms she would get another beating.

Richard turned on Angela and got on the stand and said she would deny the girl food and water. He said Angela would count items in the refrigerator and keep locks on the cupboards. He said she forced the girl to wear long sleeve shirts and pants to hide injuries.

Angela had pleaded not guilty up until the first day of her criminal trial where she then changed it to guilty. She then made a personal statement saying,

“I am very sorry for hurting my daughter in a very bad way,” She also told the detectives who questioned her the night she murdered and tortured her child, “I want you to know I did wrong,” she told the jury, “and I am at peace with your decision.” “I did not want my little girl to die.”

She never took the stand because she didn’t want to be cross-examined.

Angela’s brothers Mike and George Feusi testified that their mom was murdered when Angela was only 5-years-old and the murderer was never caught but it was always suspected that their father did it.”When he got behind you, you were so scared,” George Feusi said. “He’d come up behind Mike and he’d hit him so hard.”We weren’t allowed to get food out of the kitchen at all. We knew that,” Mike Feusi testified. “We could get water but that was it.”

Angela’s friends also testified and she cried as each one took the stand in her defense.

Linda Mardis met Angela at a home for unwed mothers.”I never saw any type of behavior that would indicate this was in her future,” Mardis testified.

Jeanette’s 13-year-old half-sister took the stand, she testified that her sisters beatings began the day she was returned to her mother by CPS when she was only 7-years-old. Her mother also showed her a quarter-sized wound on the back of Jeanette’s head and told her that if someone was “stabbed in the back of the head with a branch, it would cause brain damage.”

The young girl said Jeanette was acting very strange, as if maybe their mother had stabbed her.

The half-sister testified that Jeanette wasn’t making any sense, she would ask for a blanket when she was already covered up and laying on the cardboard. She would stand facing the wall with her hands up in the air and fall asleep.

She was questioned by prosecutor Erik Hasselman and told jurors that once her mom married Richard she put Jeanette in a bedroom in the back of the house where she was not allowed to speak to anyone. Angela did not want Jeanette to be a part of the family.

She said her mom and Richard McAnulty punished Jeanette by depriving her of food and water, hitting her with shoes and “popping” her on the mouth with the back of their hands. The sister said if she tried to help Jeanette it would only cause her (Jeanette) to get more beatings. The other kids were not abused.

During the girl’s testimony Angela showed absolutely no emotions. Later, Lane County Circuit Judge Kip Leonard told jurors that he ordered Angela to not look at her daughter while she was on the stand.

Cascade Middle School cafeteria worker Michelle Mullins started slipping Jeanette free lunches from the cafeteria in 6th grade because of how skinny she looked. Michelle said she asked Jeanette if she could see what was in her lunch bag and Jeanette opened it, there was 1 piece of cheese and 1 cracker.

Jeanette came in her office crying later that year and told her “my mom notices that I’ve been gaining weight because I’m eating.” She had to quit eating the free lunches.

Michelle also reported this to CPS. Nothing was done.

School faculty reported seeing Jeanette come to school with torn up, dirty clothing on. They said they saw bruises on her. They say they reported what they saw, no one did anything.

Prosecutor JoAnne Miller spent almost an hour going back over all the evidence of how Angela’s hands mutilated, tortured and starved Jeanette Maples until her eventual death.

Jurors were reminded that Jeanette fought for her life by trying to steal food from the kitchen and drinking water from the toilet.

Atty. Miller told juror’s “We’re not talking about an angry drunk,” Miller said. “We are talking about a cool-headed killer.”

Defense attorney Ken Hadley told juror’s during his closing remarks that Angela was not a violent person nor was she a danger to society. He said there was no proof that Angela McAnulty intended to kill Jeanette. He said Angela grew up in a world where beatings and having food withheld was normal.

“If anything, I would say this lady would be a victim if she gets to prison,” he said.

It was Deputy DA Erik Hasselman that spoke last to jurors and told them why Angela deserved to be put to death for the slaughter of her daughter.

“Can you envision a set of circumstances, a set of atrocities committed by a human being that were worse than what you heard in this case?” he asked the jury. “Did she make any effort to save that child? The answer is no.”

“The only person who knows why Angela McAnulty hated her daughter so much is Angela McAnulty,” he said. “Whatever your decision is as a group, I agree with the defendant. I am at peace with it.”

During the penalty phase the juror’s had to answer the follow questions to determine Angela’s sentence. I found the third question to be ridiculous and thought I would share it.

  1. Was McAnulty’s conduct that caused Maple’s death deliberate?
  2. Is it likely that McAnulty will re-offend?
  3. Did Maples provoke McAnulty?
  4. Should the death sentence be imposed?

The jury had 3 options. They could sentence Angela to life, life with the possibility of parole after 30 years, or the death sentence.

On Feb. 24, 2011, after 5 days of the jury listening to the penalty phase of the trial and 6 hours of deliberating they condemned Angela McAnulty to die for murdering her daughter.

She is being housed at Coffee Creek Correction Facility in Wilsonville, Oregon on death row.

She is only the 2nd woman in Oregon’s history to be on death row. Coincidentally the first woman on death row was also a child murderer. Jeannace Freeman’s sentence ended up being commuted, I bet Angela’s won’t be. This isn’t 1964 and we’re not as empathetic towards women or abusers like we once were.

CPS/DHS Failed Jeanette Maples:

It was Jeanette’s teacher that reached out to CPS to report the neglect and abuse that Jeanette was suffering. They did not show up until 5 days later to see if the girl was OK. According to Oregon law they must react within 24 hours of a report. 3-4 more times after the teacher called Lynn McAnulty called CPS and asked them to become involved because she thought abuse was going on.

3-4 times is the number that CIRT admits to getting calls, Lynn says it was more like 8. Who do you believe? I tend to believe Lynn when she said all of her calls fell on deaf ears.

Other than the teacher there were other phone calls from the school to CPS that were never logged. Why are we excusing this government entity for so many murders? If it were anyone else they would be in prison right alongside Angela.

In an initial report, DHS said only one of four reports was investigated, saying the agency’s policies were not followed. Following the release of the report, the agency is Gene Evans, DHS spokesman said the agency is determining if Maples’ story was an isolated case. ( Note: If anyone here think this is an isolated case let me know and I will send you 20 more just like this one! Isolated my ass.)

“I think the big change is going to come as a result of figuring out is this a system wide issue, is this something that happens across the state or was this a flaw that happened in this one case,” said Evans.

This is an excerpt of the press release from DHS: (If you want to read the full release I have it uploaded on scribd here )

“The CIRT report found that the department’s responses to three of the four reports DHS received about Jeanette Maples did not follow agency policy: two of those reports should have been referred to Child Protective Services staff for assessment — and one was referred for assessment, but not within the appropriate time line for referral. The first two reports were received in 2006, the third in 2007 and a fourth in 2009. In responding to these reports, past history of abuse and neglect of Maples’ family was not adequately considered, and the child’s ability to disclose abuse was not accurately assessed when the reports were received. At issue in this CIRT review is whether the issues of the age of the child and the degree to which she was isolated from the community were appropriately considered in the screening and assessment processes.”

Jeanette’s classmates Shelby Berry and Alyssa Jackson told reporters they were at the trial. They said that Jeanette was a very shy, timid girl. They said she didn’t have many friends because she wasn’t allowed to. One of the girl’s said “You could kind of tell that she wanted to be friends with people and wanted to be friendly, but she didn’t have the ability to be nice and friendly like she wanted to.”

Shelby Berry said “It almost made me sick to my stomach a couple times just to hear that somebody could do that to somebody else, especially their own child,”

“It was pretty hard to sit through,” Alyssa Jackson said. “She’s not going to understand the pain and the hurt that Jeanette felt every day. there is really nothing that anyone can do to make her feel that.”

Even death might not be justice for McAnulty.

“Either way, sitting in prison for the rest of your life or getting put to death,” Jackson added, “she’s still not going to understand and feel what Jeanette felt.”

Anthony Maples, Jeanette’s biological father had not seen her in over 10 years. I was able to dig up an old article where he gave a interview about his daughter’s death. He said he found out through a caseworker that his daughter was dead and said “I am so crushed by this,” “I know that I have to accept this as God’s will, but it’s disgusting that this happened to my little angel.”

He confirmed they had 3 children together and that CPS took all 3 but then gave Jeanette back to Angela. The boys remained in care and Angela and Jeanette moved from CA. To Oregon and never kept in contact with him. Anthony admittedly was an addict and recently cleaned up and began searching for Jeanette but it was too late.

Two of Angela’s aunts testified that she was not “strong” enough to put the abuse that she suffered behind her and not abuse Jeanette. They say that she became an abuser strictly because her father abused her and she must have a “mental defect” in order to do something so heinous.

I’m sorry I call bull shit, she only abused Jeanette. If this were true why did she not abuse the other children that lived in the home? She did not do it because she had a mental defect, she did it because she was a cold-hearted bitch that did not love Jeanette. Angela made a conscious choice to beat, mutilate, starve and murder Jeanette Maples. She turned her little girl into a walking corpse, the same little girl that had this to say about her mom:

“If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I be?”

“If I could be one person in this whole entire world, who would I choose?” she wrote. “Well, it wouldn’t be no super hero, not any great champion, it would just be my mother.”

Jeanette continued by describing her mom as mature, loving and responsible.

“She’s the best,” Jeanette wrote.

That made me sick when I read that.

No doubt, Angela was crying when she told told the judge she knew what she did was wrong and she was regretful. Although that may be true I’m more apt to believe that she’s only sorry she got caught and the tears were for herself.

Angela claimed that she did not “intend” to kill her daughter. OK, so exactly what did she think would happen after starving, beating and torturing Jeanette? Remember, Jeanette died of cardiac arrest and was 50 pounds. She didn’t get that way overnight, she was systematically abused over a very long period of time.

Despite all of the obvious signs of abuse CPS never intervened in this poor girl’s life although they were called upon so many times. They failed, again. The more I learn about this agency the more sickened I become.

I have had people question why I write my articles the way I do, why I use such graphic details. It really is quiet simple. When you turn on the TV, open the paper or turn the radio on what do you see or hear? A lot of times it is violence. We have become so desensitized as a nation that many people overlook the obvious. I want every article I write to serve as a painful reminder that we ALL must protect our children. When CPS doesn’t respond we keep calling, we keep speaking up, we do not stop until the child is safe. WE DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE CHILD! When you stop reaching out, YOU have become part of the problem. No excuses….ever.

Lynn said she had Christmas lists from all the kids and even Angela but she didn’t have one for Jeanette. The one thing Lynn McAnulty gave to Jeanette was a memorial service.

“That was all for her,” she said. “I don’t think she ever had anything in her life that was just for her. I think that all she ever wanted was for her mother to love her.”

Jeanette’s stepfather, Richard McAnulty, also faces aggravated murder charges in her death, but the state is not seeking the death penalty for him, saying evidence does not support doing so.

Jeanette’s memorial video made by her cousin.